AI Script – Modern Units AI v0.0.2

I have uploaded an updated version of the Modern Units AI script to EDIBLE. You can download it directly here.  The script is twenty times more complex as the alpha version and draws the unit data directly from the same data set used to create Modern Units Database.  In spot testing, the script has better awareness of the units and capabilities, but may have difficulty performing on lower-end machines.

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EDIBLE Site Layout Updated

I am finally updating the layout of EDIBLE.  The library has been in its current format for for several years and the layout has been the number one complaint about this site ever since I updated it.  As a result, I plan to completely separate the Journal website from EDIBLE and allow them to work independently.  Everything should continue to be available on this website, but behind the scenes things will be different.

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Gaming Goes Too Far

Last week, the news headlines in the gaming world were focused on a leak of classified information to justify a point made on a gaming forum.  Anyone who was around when I was still running NOE remembers that this exact topic of discussion came up.  The hyper-realistic simulator had the opportunity to misuse information on several occasions which is why I took the stance of only using publicly defensible data in any argument to justify the in-game statistics of people or equipment.  This recent leak is a reminder of how modern games can sometimes be confused with reality.

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Modern Units Database – Version 0.0.4a Update

The updated version of the Modern Units Database has been posted for play testing.  You can download it here or find it on EDIBLE.  With over 200 hours logged, this is the largest update I have posted for any mod since I originally released MUD or the last update I made to it a year ago.  Read the full post if you want a complete listing of the changes.  There is still a lot more to do before I get this into a spot where it can work the way I intended, but I wanted to get this out in its current state in case others find issues I am not already tracking.

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MUD Points to Percentages

I’ve finished a first pass at the unit values.  I am in the process of transforming the values to the EDCE format and then uploading it for play testing.  This version will be a lot different than the previous one in terms of attack/defense values.  In the current version, there is little difference in direct attack values, as supporting fire is meant to have greater emphasis.  In this version however, the difference between supporting fire and direct fire is determined by how committed the unit is to staying engaged.

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Modern Units Database Progress Report

The Modern Units Database update is under way and progress looks good.  The data collection and analysis is a lot faster than I anticipated thanks to all the upfront script preparation I did a few months back.  It is shaping up to be a significant update though.  Let’s do a quick overview of what this update will include and any feedback on where it is going.

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May 2020 Update

It has been a while since my last activity, but I assure you things have been happening behind the scenes.  There are some upcoming performance improvements to this site as well as a large MUD revamp in the works.  I am also pleased to say that I am in the process of converting a homegrown campaign from Pathfinder 1E to 2E.  I will be happy to share my lessons learned from that once it is finished.

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Grand Isles Stock Exchange (GISE) Added

Today, I’m happy to announce that the Grand Isles Stock Exchange (GISE) is finally available for public viewing.  You can find it on the newly added page called Tradelands.  This project has been in development for over three months and involved an incredible amount of effort from multiple people.  I want to thank the members of F&BP as well as mindyminder for her help writing the scripts that pulled the data.  I’m also happy to note that this is the first part of an eventual partnership with F&BP.  Keep an eye out as I plan to post more about the group and what they are doing over the next few weeks. Continue reading “Grand Isles Stock Exchange (GISE) Added”

Future Units Database – Update 1.0.1

A small update to the Future Units Database has been uploaded on EDIBLE.  The changes are based on feedback on the Steam forum and focuses on balancing the unit set, but doesn’t make any major changes.  If you are using the existing set, you don’t need to update to this version unless you are experiencing balance issues.

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