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MUD Random Map Generator Version 0.0.5 Uploaded

I have uploaded version 0.0.5 of the MUD Random Map Generator to EDIBLE.  You can view it here.  The update consists of back-end changes and is backward compatible with previous versions.  I want to give a thank you to dandan who located a bug and helped me test the change sin this release.

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2020 Steam Sale – Recommendations

The Steam Summer Sales event is up.  As mentioned previously, I plan to go through my bucket list and make some recommendations.  This list below represents the top games in my list and my thoughts on purchasing them.  As with any sale, I will be focusing on the value of the game at the price they are listed and not simply the merits of the game or the discount prices alone.

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Site Maintenance Pending

Over the course of this week, and possibly into next week, I will be performing a series of site changes that are likely to bring Worlds of Nations offline for extended periods of time.  If you need access to any of the files or scripts during the outage, place a comment on this post or contact me directly and I will give you alternate methods of access it while the upgrades are taking place.

The Pandemic Work-Life Balance

I would be remis if I didn’t take some time to actually talk about the ongoing pandemic.  For today’s update, I want to take a moment and let you all know why my updates have been spotty for the past three months and how much longer I expect this to continue.

I had a suspicion back in April that my productivity had dropped and my stress levels had skyrocketed following the statewide closure in March.  It felt like I was doing a lot more work with less actual output, and at the same time my personal life was struggling.  By May it felt the opposite, with better productivity and improved work-life balance. However, I had no data or proof this was the case.  Thankfully, I was tracking some timecard data during this time.  Here is what I found.

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May Update – A Return to Normalcy

May sees a return to normalcy but a significant increase in my real-life workload.  The focus of this late May update will be on the impact the pandemic has on things for the past few months.  I will specifically be focusing on the state of the website, the status of the EDCE tournament, and some personal impacts the situation has had on me and my plans going forward.

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Tradelands – April Updates, Mining Frustrates

The Roblox game Tradelands performed a string of updates in April that have modernized the graphics while also applying some updated game functionality.  One of the changes is to sync weather across all servers while also making storms last longer.  Today, I am going to break this down statistically and attempt to determine if the recent updates have changed the profitability of mining.

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MLB – Blake Snell Expedites the Professional Sports Dilemma

As you may have guessed, our sister site at MLB Leagues has been dealing with an unprecedented crisis facing all public sports right now.  Today comes the announcement that Blake Snell will refuse to play if MLBPA accepts an agreement presented by the MLB owners to open baseball for the July season.

I want to take a quick side step and talk a little bit about this dilemma and what it means to the future of baseball.

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Civilization 6 – Season Pass First Thoughts

This week Firaxis has announced that it will be offering the New Frontier DLC Pack for Civilization VI.  It’s the latest addition to a trend in gaming DLC’s that have been slowly creeping across the industry.  Is this pack really worth the $40 they are asking you to pay for this DLC?  How does it stack up across other similar offers in the industry?

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Civilization 4 Colonization – We The People Mod Update 2.8

Civ4: Colonization has been an on and off favorite of mine since its release in 2008.  I also enjoy this game because of it’s simplicity in game play – you win the game winning a War of Independence and that’s it.  Behind this simple concept is the Civilization 4 engine which allows for the significant amount of customization for which the franchise is well known.  Despite being released over a decade ago, the game continues to enjoy a cult-like following from its mod community that has kept the original concept alive by modding in aspects that keep it in a modern state.  At the time of writing this, there are a few mods still in active development which have updated the game.  I recommend to anyone who enjoyed the old Civ4 games and own a copy of Colonization to revisit some nostalgia.

Today, I want to specifically talk about a mod for this game called We the People.  At the time I write this, the latest update was on April 23rd and includes 54 updates in the last update alone.  I have a lot of respect for these modders who have worked to keep this updated, and are willing to take community recommendation (a feat in itself, I can tell you from experience) and implement them.  They have truly turned a rather obscure and independently released modification of Civ4 and turned it into a full capable game that competes against other titles being released today.

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