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Gaming Goes Too Far

Last week, the news headlines in the gaming world were focused on a leak of classified information to justify a point made on a gaming forum.  Anyone who was around when I was still running NOE remembers that this exact topic of discussion came up.  The hyper-realistic simulator had the opportunity to misuse information on several occasions which is why I took the stance of only using publicly defensible data in any argument to justify the in-game statistics of people or equipment.  This recent leak is a reminder of how modern games can sometimes be confused with reality.

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Modern Units Database – Version 0.0.4a Update

The updated version of the Modern Units Database has been posted for play testing.  You can download it here or find it on EDIBLE.  With over 200 hours logged, this is the largest update I have posted for any mod since I originally released MUD or the last update I made to it a year ago.  Read the full post if you want a complete listing of the changes.  There is still a lot more to do before I get this into a spot where it can work the way I intended, but I wanted to get this out in its current state in case others find issues I am not already tracking.

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MUD Points to Percentages

I’ve finished a first pass at the unit values.  I am in the process of transforming the values to the EDCE format and then uploading it for play testing.  This version will be a lot different than the previous one in terms of attack/defense values.  In the current version, there is little difference in direct attack values, as supporting fire is meant to have greater emphasis.  In this version however, the difference between supporting fire and direct fire is determined by how committed the unit is to staying engaged.

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Modern Units Database Progress Report

The Modern Units Database update is under way and progress looks good.  The data collection and analysis is a lot faster than I anticipated thanks to all the upfront script preparation I did a few months back.  It is shaping up to be a significant update though.  Let’s do a quick overview of what this update will include and any feedback on where it is going.

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Future Units Database – Update 1.0.1

A small update to the Future Units Database has been uploaded on EDIBLE.  The changes are based on feedback on the Steam forum and focuses on balancing the unit set, but doesn’t make any major changes.  If you are using the existing set, you don’t need to update to this version unless you are experiencing balance issues.

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Enhanced Terrain Set Uploaded

The new Enhanced Terrain Set (ETS) has been uploaded to EDIBLE.  This set attempts to enhance the definition of the default terrain set by improving the depth of the art at closer zoom levels while retaining the same look and feel as the original terrain set when viewed at a distance.  It uses a mix of isometric and top down images like the original set and uses a color and contrast that is slightly darker than the original set.

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EDCE Monster Planet – Recon Comparison

I recently played through a mod on EDCE called Monster Planet written by gryphin.rampant.  One of the items that came up during our recent tournament a few weeks back was around calculations of Recon Spectrum Points (RSP) and why they have such high value.  One of the things I did during my playthrough of the Monster Planet was to put the units through the RSP calculator and the results showed some clear differences.  I want to share those results with you as it shows how powerful Recon Spectrum can be in your game and why this mechanic has such a high point value in the tournament scoring.

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HD Terrain Sneak Peak

I am putting the finishing touches on my first draft of the enhanced terrain set for EDCE. Click the image on the left to get a better look. There are still a few obvious graphic glitches I want to get fixed before I post it.  I plan to have a ready to download version within the week.  The focus on this set is keeping the original artistic design of the base terrain in place while making it more detailed at closer zoom levels.

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Empire Deluxe Tournament 2020 – Finale

The 2020-21 Empire Deluxe Tournament Championship is in the books and our winner is Keiren.  After strong performances in our first two games, he was unanimously declared the tournament victor and received the highest total points scored by a considerable margin.  This is his second win in a row as he successfully defended his title as Empire Deluxe Champion and will carry that title throughout all of 2021 until we have the chance to claim it from him once more.  Congratulations!

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Empire Deluxe Tournament 2020 – Game 3

This is our third and final battle of the 2020 tournament.  Due to the performance of our players in the first two games, we elected to try a modified unit database and try some rule variations.  After obtaining unanimous approval, the changes were implemented by the moderator and action started.  With that, this tournament will go into the books as one of firsts – The first on EDCE, the first to use a modified unit set, the first with true Regicide enabled, and the first to be streamed live.

As is tradition, we are using the Tournament Scoring rules outlined on the rule page of this website.  Any set matches declared by a player will be shown in Black in the summary provided and any player-specific information will be shown in the color they chose during the initial setup.

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