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Getting Started Pt 2 – Economics

Economic Setup

The following steps will go through the initial setup of your economy.  This part of the guide assumes you have completed the steps to set up your nations government in the previous section.

Now that you have a fully functioning government, it’s time to get into the meat of the game.  The Economic engine of the game was designed to be difficult and very un-intuitive, just like real world economics.  If you have reached this point, it’s advised that you do not make many more changes to your cabinet or your regional setup as the penalties for making changes will directly hit your economic growth.

Step 7 – Regional Production Focus

You will need to review the economic focus of each region in your country and set it.  In some cases, the game will show a mismatch between your economic focus and classification until the GM updates the economic model to reflect the new values.  To set the Economic Focus, click the regional  capital on the main map and select “Update Government Focus” in the Run Action menu.  This will produce a list of all the options you can pick.

  • Focus Name – This is the name of what you are selecting.  Every different focus will have a different impact on your economy depending on the circumstances present in the region.  Things to keep in mind are culture, need, potential, and politics.  Above all else, make sure you understand what the name represents.
  • Category – This gives you an idea of what Economic Category this typically influences. However, depending on your specific economy you may not see the region’s focus actually match the name shown here.
  • Reach – This will tell you if the policy impacts only the region or will impact its neighbors as well. Regional focus items typically improve your region but have negligible impact on others.  National focus items have a lesser impact on the region implementing the focus, but there is a noticeable impact to other regions in the areas as well.
  • Groups – Represents the economic group type.  This is not currently implemented, but is meant to show how many other regions have adopted the same focus.

Prior to the start of the game, you should at least review your economic focus for every region under your control.  There is no right or wrong choice.  The only way to set this up incorrectly is to have no regional focus.  Even if you attempt to set no regional focus, your governor of the region will select his preference.  Remember that all AI people have their own agendas and will set it up how they want it if you let them do it.

Pro Tips:

  • If you are unsure what to select, your advisors can help you make a choice.
  • Normally production focus is not available to other nations or players.  Espionage can reveal a regions focus but not necessarily it’s grouping or actual production.  You can get creative with your assignments in attempt to misdirect your rivals once you are comfortable with the mechanics.
  • Making a lot of changes to your production focus can slow your economy, but at the same time makes it more diversified.  Once you have a good grasp of this mechanic, you can use it as an alternative strategy to help improve your influence.

Step 8 – POI Production Focus

Following the same guidance of the regional economic focus (step 6), every Point of Interest (POI) can also select an economic focus.  Note that while you can select from the same broad list as others, this is usually not recommended.  Most POI’s are built to support a specific economic classification.  The most common options are:

  • Training – This facility is specifically set up as a training facility. The production focus will be set to allow people to train in a specific skill set like a research park.
  • Supply – This facility is specifically set up to produce a specific supply type.  The most common example is an oil refinery.
  • Garrison – This facility is meant to house a garrison or group of people for a specific purpose. This can sometimes represent a labor camp.

In most cases, if you select a POI that you control it will reveal a POI Type.  This is usually your first clue towards what the focus should be.  If you are still not sure, the Description will show all the specific parts of the POI.  In some cases, it’s possible to have two POI parts that have conflicting focuses, such as an army base on a oil refinery.  In that case you can select either one.

Selecting a focus that correlates to a strength of the POI typically provides a substantial production bonus.  For example, the Sarir (Libya) POI can be set to produce agriculture, which will produce about 100 units a year, or to Oil will received a bonus allowing output of over 1 million per year.

Pro Tips:

  • The most common supply base in games post 1920 is oil fields.  These should always be producing oil.
  • Military bases are best left to produce training, not military units as the name suggests.

Step 9 – Total Budget

From this step onward, you will need to be aware of your total budget.  This is available by contacting your Finance Minister or by reviewing the Country statistics.  To see it through your country statistics, you can do one of two things:

  1. Select an object on the game map and click the image of the country flag in the console window.
  2. Run the “Countries and Territories” report from the console window and select your country.

In the console window you will see the core country statistics for your nation.  This includes the following information:

  • Country Details – This section will show the name, capitol, and government of your country.  It also shows your total population and the population’s current growth rate.
  • Financial Details – This shows the economic status of the country.  Available cash is how much you have available to spend.  A negative amount means you are in default.  This section also shows the monthly budget, which is your income, and the growth rate.
  • Additional Information – This shows cosmetic information about the social status of the population.  Average wages show what a worker makes monthly, and military size shows the impact of your military on the region.


Pay close attention to the Available Cash and Monthly budget.  You can spend the Available cash at the start of the game to purchase things from step 10 onwards.  However, if you start the game with negative cash, you will start the game in default regardless of your month budget.  During the first turn, you will normally receive your first budgetary stipend, usually close to the monthly budgeted amount.

Pro Tips:

  • You should strive to use most of your available cash in the start up phase, but not all of it.  Consider providing a loan for any unused cash that is not in your rainy day fund.
  • Items purchased before the start of the game usually do not incur any research, prototyping, or time requirements, thus making them cheaper if you can pick them up.
  • Purchasing military and civilian items at the beginning of the game will provide their R&D for free.

Step 10 – Purchase Infrastructure

Infrastructure represents the logistics and manufacturing needs within your nation.  Some logistical units require infrastructure to be in place before you can use it.  You will need to ensure you purchase enough infrastructure and support equipment to maintain your economy, or you will find yourself stopping production and economic growth to fix it.

You can purchase logistics networks for any region in your political control.  To see what you have in place now, use the settings icon on the map and turn on the Helper Grid and the Logistical Map.  You purchase logistics in tiles, which are shown in the helper grid.  The cost of each tile depends on it’s general geographic features.  You can send a note to your transportation advisor who will suggest the price of each network you want to set up.

Pro Tips:

  • This guide only covers national infrastructure needs.  Maintenance and regional infrastructure are handled in other steps.
  • Purchase as much infrastructure as you can afford now.  Once the game begins, it takes time and manpower to build new infrastructure.
  • Consider connecting all of your cities and POI’s together if you can afford it.  It will improve regional growth and make supplies easier to transfer.
  • Make sure you remember the amount you spent on infrastructure.  This will matter later when you are planning your infrastructure supply reserve.

Step 11 – Set Corporations

Government funded corporations represent entities that are not aligned as a nation or territory.  They are operate similar to territories in terms of function and structure but are not required to strictly adhere to borders like an actual territory.  Corporations are aligned with the nation that adopted them but are capable of operating independently, even leaving their parent country in some circumstances.

Your government can support as many corporations as you wish.  However, without a funding source they will not be able to prosper.  A failing corporation will have a direct impact on your economy, while not enough corporations can stagnate your economy.  The impact and need for corporations also depends on the structure of your economy an your government.

To set up a new corporation, view your country details in the console and select the Create Corporation action.  You will need to provide the following information:

  • Corporation Name. This is the name of your corporation.  You can name it whatever you want.  If you wish to tie the corporation to a real entity, you will need to contact your GM or send a note to the relevant minister.
  • Description. You can provide a description of your corporation.  This is completely optional.

Once you have created a corporation, you will need to find a region and create it’s headquarters or primary area of business which is covered in Step 12.

Pro Tips:

  • Do not set up corporations you don’t intend to fund.  Lack of funding is a sure way of causing an economic upheaval at the start of the game.
  • Always provide at least one incorporated location (step 12) for every corporation to ensure they have a way to survive.

Step 11 – Purchase Factories and Facilities


Factories and facilities are extensions of a region that are designed for a specific purpose or corporation.  These can be manufacturing facilities, corporate HQ’s, and even just government offices.

Pro Tips:

  • Regions produce and integrate their own facilities.  Only create those you want to micromanage or need for a specific purpose.  You can get overwhelmed quickly, and for no real benefit.
  • Only corporations you have at the start of the game require manual placement of facilities.  Corporations will generate their own infrastructure over time in most other cases.