Name of engine :

Map Weights
Island Threshold:
Continent Weights
Continent Probability:
Continent Size:
Continent Lakes:
Continent Aging:
River Weights
River Probability:
River Size:
River Delta's:
River Length:
River Erosion:
Elevation Weights
Elevation Probability:
Elevation Size:
Elevation River:
Elevation Volcano:
Elevation Mountain:
Elevation Peak:
Elevation Flatten:
Volcanism Aging:
Weather Weights
Weather Probability:
Cold Top Longitude:
Cold Bottom Longitude:
Cold Bottom Buffer:
Temperature Change:
Temperature River:
Temperature Mountains:
Temperature Cold:
Temperature Heat:
Temperature Peaks:
Temperature Growth:
Vegetation Weights
Vegetation Probability:
Vegetation Size:
Vegetation Overgrowth:
Vegetation Around River:
Vegetation Marshes:
Vegetation Jungles:
Vegetation Mountains:
Vegetation Snow:
Vegetation Desert:
Vegetation Growth:
City Weights
Cities on Clear:
Cities near Shallow:
Cities near Sea:
Cities near Desert:
Cities near Snow:
Cities near Forest:
Cities near Hill:
Cities near River:
Cities near Swamp:
cities near Mountain:
cities near Peak:
cities Threshold:
Supply Weights
Supply on Clear:
Supply near Shallow:
Supply near Sea:
Supply near Desert:
Supply near Snow:
Supply near Forest:
Supply near Hill:
Supply near River:
Supply near Swamp:
Supply near Mountain:
Supply near Peak:
Supply Threshold:

How to create your map file

To use the map generator:

  1. Click the Create Map button above. The code box box below will update with your new map code.
  2. Click the code box below to highlight the code. Copy this to your clipboard
  3. Open your game's data folder. For most users, this will be in c:\[user]\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe\maps\" folder.
  4. Right click and create a new .txt file. Open this in your preferred text editor and paste.
  5. Start Empire Deluxe, open the map editor, and verify the map loads correctly.
<MDATA> <MDA W="{{width}}" H="{{height}}" HW="F" VW="F" NC="{{city.length}}" SC="0" IC="0"> <DSV><![CDATA[2018.10.10 12:22:22]]></DSV> <DSC><![CDATA[{{name}}]]></DSC> </MDA> <MRS>