Welcome to the Documents and Guides page, previously referred to as the Worlds of Nations Library. provides a list of the documents and guides available across the Worlds of Nations. This is a central repository that provides a basic copy of the key documents that are regularly accessed by each individual community. Alternatively, there are links to the libraries hosted by individual communities if they are not using this site to hold their files.

Empire Deluxe and EDIBLE

The main Empire Deluxe Nation (EDN) website hosts their files in the main Worlds of Nations library. This page also hosts the documentation portion of the Integrated Builder’s Library and Extensions. This page is organized by the most commonly requested documents. Unfortunately, the PDF versions have been removed and are replaced with the web-only versions. You can contact us directly on Discord or through the comments section on this page if you would like access to the originals.

Empire Deluxe Tournament Strategy Guide

This is the approved/official guide provided by the Empire Deluxe Tournament Champions. It includes the advanced ruleset, game mechanics, and strategies that are described in the EDN writeups. This document is updated to include the Empire Deluxe Combined Edition rules, allowing the team to support both versions of the game depending on the circumstances.