Empire Deluxe Integrated Builder’s Library and Extensions (EDIBLE)

Welcome to the EDIBLE Repository for Empire Deluxe.  Rather than maintain two separate websites, I’ve now integrated EDIBLE into the World of Nations libraries.  This will allow for easier cross-referencing, while allowing content to remain unchanged.

Empire Deluxe Combined Edition (EDCE)

Empire Deluxe Combined Edition is one of the newest versions of the Empire Deluxe series.  It’s made by Killer Bee Software.  Although the interface, code behind, and graphics have changed, it follows the same basic premise as the original Empire Deluxe.  Killer Bee has attempted to stay as true to the root of the game as it has the same feel as the original.

The game has a built-in map editor and map sharing feature but doesn’t support mod sharing. I prefer to keep my own work on EDIBLE so anything I upload to the in-game library will find its way onto this website as well.  I doubt any other users will be uploading content here.

Files are copyright of their creator, so it’s advised that you check with the owner before publishing them yourself.

Map Files – List of downloadable map files for EDCE

Scenario Files – List of downloadable scenario files for EDCE

AI Scripts – List of available AI Scripts

Map Scripts – List of random map generators for EDCE.  Some scripts have prerequisites.

Art Assets for Mods – List of Art Asset Mods that can be used directly or included in other EDCE mods.

Unit Databases – List of Unit Databases (udb’s) and full mods for EDCE.

Extensions and Utilities – List of tools, extensions, and utilities to help modders for EDCE.

Empire Deluxe Legacy Edition (ED)

Empire: Wargame of the Century was one of the first PC strategy games ever created. The 1993 version of this chess-like simulation, called Empire Deluxe, was one of the greatest influences of my future gaming career and decision to become a software developer. In fact, many of the components in Worlds of Nations have a tie back to this game. Unfortunately, New World Computing and later 3DO, went defunct and game lapsed into abandonment. Newer versions of the game are more re-writes than a continuation of the series, leaving most modern versions incompatible with the original game.

Nonetheless, I do own a library of content for this game, as well as utilities to help make it playable on modern machines. It is still played somewhat regularly due to its portability through DOS emulators, so I update my files every now and then.

Empire Deluxe Library – Legacy 1993 Empire Deluxe Files