Below is a directory of all the nations hosted within the Worlds of Nations.

The Worlds of Nations Journal

This is the home page for the Worlds of Nations. This was previously known as the Worlds of Nations Journal and acted as a collection of the top rated articles from each Nation. It is also the personal homepage of Thunderous Cadence where he occasionally posts his own opinion articles as well as website updates.

Arizona Baseball Scouting

This site is a collection of notes and feedback collected while scouting, with a focus on teams playing in Arizona. The site offers insight into some of the younger players who are working towards their major league debut. The peak seasons for updates occur during Spring Training, specifically teams playing in Arizona, as well as the Arizons Fall League (AFL).

Empire Deluxe Nation

This is the homepage for the Empire Deluxe Tournament Championship Crew. This group plays the game Empire Deluxe in both its 1993 form as well as the 2017 version called Empire Deluxe Combined Edition. The group utilizes the Worlds of Nations to host its tournament rules as well as some miscellaneous files created by the community. Many of its assets are hosted on the Worlds of Nations Journal despite being its own area.

Global Baseball Federation

The Global Baseball Federation is a unique MLB fantasy keeper league. The league has a full-time commissioner who manages all of the data and rosters for each team. Unlike traditional leagues where teams are rated purely on the player’s stats, this league plays each team against each other to determine who is the champion of each baseball season.

Tradelands Nation

This is the homepage of the F&BP Trading Company. The website is designed to be a resource for players who are interested in trading within the game. Most other website are focused on piracy and the combat component of the game, while this is dedicated to resource gathering, cargo trading, and shop management. The most famous components of the website is the Price Guide which is used by the majority of the Tradelands community.