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AI Script – Modern Units AI v0.0.2

I have uploaded an updated version of the Modern Units AI script to EDIBLE or at the bottom of this post. The script is twenty times more complex as the alpha version and draws the unit data directly from the same data set used to create Modern Units Database.  In spot testing, the script has better awareness of the units and capabilities, but may have difficulty performing on lower-end machines.

Here is the changelog for this update.  Note that it doesn’t include any of the changes from the previous version.


  • Fixed a bug with the air exploration unit cycle.
  • Doubled the exploration distance for sea exploration.  This fix is to help the AI support the larger-scale Modern Unit Mapscript.
  • Reduced the number of ships required for offshore bombardment.
  • Reduced the size of amphibious assaults.
  • Reduced the number of heavy ships the AI constructs.  This should improve build times, especially in early game.
  • Modified the build order for transports to improve AI usage of cheaper transports.
  • Set the AI’s preferred transport as LCAC.  Previously, the AI was building transports that couldn’t move the right units, causing bottlenecks.
  • Added Line Infantry to the AI’s list of land attack units.  Was previously missing, causing them to wander around aimlessly.
  • Optimized Line Infantry to perform better against other AI players.  Should have no impact on the human player.
  • Fixed an issue where AI drones were not being used correctly and could cause game crashes.
  • Updated units in the disband list to include all low cost units and infantry.  When drain rules are active, this allows the AI to improve drain without removing expensive units.
  • Changed the preferred exploration vehicle from recon helicopter to recon plane to help improve AI’s early game performance.
  • Reduced the threshold units need to obtain before starting overseas exploration.
  • Rules of Engagement Updates
    • All unit ROE have been updated to match the MUD unit performance data.
    • Evasion has been removed from all units and re-worked entirely to avoid a bug where units cannot move under some circumstances.
    • Instead, Evasion has been re-worked so units recognize opportunities and threats and evade accordingly through other ROE rules.
    • Units are aware of any valid attack/defense combinations and will attempt to use the best odds available when engaging.
    • AI will attempt to build a front-line wherever the odds are in its favor.
    • AI recognizes attacks of opportunity (waiting until enemy moves before attacking) and will use it whenever an alternative isn’t available.

Known Issues:

  • AI has a tendency to over-produce some transport types.
  • Exploration pathfinding for low flying aircraft will cause the unit to crash.  This impacts human and AI players.
  • Satellites still have performance issues.  The AI will build them and then refuse to move them.
  • AI can get stuck if it loses an invasion.  If transport vehicles are lost, there is chance it will not try to invade again.
  • AI is still slower than a human player when in expansion stage of the game.
  • AI units do not recognize invalid range attack options.  This is a WIP.
  • AI still has trouble using buy points at game start.
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  1. “…Satellites still have performance issues. The AI will build them and then refuse to move them….”

    This is how the AI uses satellites in the basic game. It usually parks them over it’s own cities or something dumb like that and then never moves them. Sometimes it parks them over my cities, and leaves them there long after the fight has moved to other areas of the map. It seems that the AI has no ability to use unit sighting information in a general sense. It can react on a unit by unit basis but the larger picture seems to be over it’s head.

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