Map Script – Monster Planet Random Map Generator

Humanity discovers the first planet outside of the solar system capable of supporting life. Several sleeper ships are sent from Earth to this distant world with the intention of investigating it and possibly colonizing it if no intelligent life is found. Your ship is loaded with resources intended to help build an outpost once you arrive. You and your crew are then put into stasis for the decades long journey.

Your crew wakes up when you approach the planet. You find a distress call from a ship that landed before you, but you have no idea where it is. Garbled transmissions from automated probes also tell a story of an impending disaster if you attempt to land. The probes have sent a series of data streams which are coordinates to locations with strange names. It is unclear if they are indications of habitable spots or hazards to avoid. It is possible they are just nonsense data, sent due to some malfunction in the probes. You will only know for sure once you explore them yourself, as your ship’s AI lands you at your pre-determined landing site.

Will you and your crew survive, or was your expedition doomed before it began?

To use the map generator:

This is the Random Map Generator script customized specifically for the Monster Planet Database mod by gryphin.rampant. It is recommended to download this mod for the best experience, but is also compatible with the default unit sets as well.

  1. Verify the values below match the expectations for the map you plan to create. If you don’t select a value, the map script will set a value for you.
  2. Click the Create Map button. This may take a few moments to complete.
  3. Depending on your browser settings, you will either be prompted to download a file or be directed to a page with the code.
  4. If you are given a downloadable file, save it and then move it to your game’s map folder (Windows default location is %AppData%/../LocalLow/KBSW/EmpireDeluxe/maps). If you are not able to find your downloaded file check your firewall and anti-virus settings.
  5. If you are taken to a web page of map code, Right click the page and save it as a file. Navigate to your game’s map folder and save the file. By default, the file will be called “map” but you can rename it. The file may register as a HTML file but should load correctly in the game.
  6. Start Empire Deluxe, open the map editor, and verify the map loads correctly.

Configuration Settings

Use the options below to configure the parameters of your map. If the map does not appear, you may have a popup blocker enabled.

If the button does not generate a map, try clicking this link to generate a map using the default settings.