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Game Overview

World of Nations is a turn-based RPG and statistical simulator that replicates the leadership challenges of running a nation.  While most simulators will focus on military and territorial administration, this game engine focuses on the diplomatic, political, and economic aspects of the role.  While many players will provide input at the operational, tactical, and strategic levels it’s best to leave these to commanders who all have their own AI’s to manage the complex calculations behind the scenes.

The game is broken into two components:

  1. Online Map and Statistical Simulator – A map of the world is provided showing the relevant information available to you as the leader.  This map is the UI for the statistical engine underneath with builds a complex overview of the world based on your inputs, those of the game master, and other players.
  2. Role Playing Simulator – This is done through a mixture of in-person tabletop gaming and online aids such as the game forum for each session.

A Brief History

I started Worlds of Nations as a tabletop game in 2004 as an alternative to games available at the time.  As my career progressed, this initial group of 4 players doubled and eventually tripled.  Today, there are anywhere between 4 to 20 players per session, with multiple sessions running concurrently.

In 2008, the rule set became too complex to manage with dice and paper and I moved the calculations to a custom build program on my retired Windows machine.  In 2012, I build the first web interface but used it for game master purposes only due to clunky nature of the program.  In 2014, as gaming groups became more dispersed it became PBEM until I shut it down in 2015 it perform the necessary updates to make the web interface usable.

In 2016 I opened this to the first competitive game – a recreation of the build up to World War II.  This statistical simulator worked perfectly, but I quickly ditched the AI I built.  The current iteration, what you see today, was started in 2017 and is still a work in progress.  Nonetheless, it performs its function as a GM aid and the games continue under it’s old PBEM model until it is fully released.

Joining the Game

Anyone is welcome to request to join a game.  However, it is currently invitation only.  The amount of effort it takes to run a game is incredibly time consuming and I don’t want to over-commit to what I can accomplish with my hobbies.

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