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Tradelands – December 2021 Mining Statistics Update

As we near the end of 2021, I am posting the updated mining statistics to replace the badly outdated one from last year.  The data represents the result of 300 mining attempts at various locations around the Grand Isles.  Only results that had over 30 axes used/recorded will be shown.  This data will also be available on the Tradelands page and updated by the F&BP Trading Company.

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Grand Isles Stock Exchange (GISE) Added

Today, I’m happy to announce that the Grand Isles Stock Exchange (GISE) is finally available for public viewing.  You can find it on the newly added page called Tradelands.  This project has been in development for over three months and involved an incredible amount of effort from multiple people.  I want to thank the members of F&BP as well as mindyminder for her help writing the scripts that pulled the data.  I’m also happy to note that this is the first part of an eventual partnership with F&BP.  Keep an eye out as I plan to post more about the group and what they are doing over the next few weeks. Continue reading “Grand Isles Stock Exchange (GISE) Added”