EDCE Scenario Files

This lists the scenario files created for Empire Deluxe Combined Edition.  Please read through any special instructions before using these maps.  All scenarios include descriptions and editor notes.

Files created with a map script should be placed in the “[AppData]\EmpireDeluxe\scns\” directory and need to be loaded during the map/scenario setup phase or viewed through the map editor.  Some scenarios may require a unit DB to work correctly.

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Falklands War (1982)

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On April 2, 1982, Argentinian Forces invaded the Falkland Islands, a territory of the United Kingdom. In response, on April 5th the British government sends a task force to return the islands to British control, using military force if necessary. Argentina sends a large military contingent to the island in hopes to persuade the British to pursue a diplomatic solution over a potentially bloody military one. As two sides inch closer to war, each begin to see the challenges in their disposition. It is now up to you to command your forces to control the islands before the diplomats or the UN Security Council forces one on you.

  • To avoid spoilers, do not review the scenario before playing it. Instead, the map version of this scenario provides the details offered to both commanders on April 10, 1982.

  • Read the scenario details for a list of suggested scenario options.

  • This map is meant for two players, one for Argentina and one for Great Britain. If playing alone, set the AI to Argentina as it may struggle with Great Britain's disposition.

  • Optional: The Falklands AI Script has been added for this map. See AI Scripts section for more details.