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Falklands War (1982) Released

Happy New Year!

The Falklands War (1982) Scenario has been posted to EDIBLE.  This map details the stunning victory of the British Task Force over a sizable Argentinian invasion force.  However, at the time this type of war had never been fought before, and the outcome would shape the future of modern warfare to come. The British pulled off what seemed to be an impossible feat, but even their cost of victory was high.  Now is your chance to see if you can do it better, or perhaps change the outcome altogether.

Play as Great Britain and lead the task force sent to re-take the island on a daring amphibious assault against all odds.  Or play as the Argentinians who are tasked with holding out against the imminent arrival of the British task force, either beating them militarily or by delaying them long enough to find a diplomatic solution.

The scenario version has been uploaded and includes over 1,000 units split among Argentina and Great Britain.  This represents over 200 hours of research from over 20 sources and analysts, both past and present, on possible strategies, unit placement, orders of battle, and projected timelines.  It is built on a GPS generated map of all strategically important locations identified during the war.  For those interested in suspension of disbelief, I’ve even modeled some optional victory conditions for PvP around the true political and military environment of 1982.  I have also modeled the initial unit displacement so you can experience the concerns, options, and strategies expressed by analysts and military leaders on both sides as you plan your Turn One moves.

The uploaded version is currently a beta version as it is being play-tested.

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