Playing Through Realm of Seran Chapter One

I’ve made some changes and uploaded a new file based on my first few play tests of the Ream of Seran map.  Mainly, I’ve strengthened the Kashkur home cities due to some easy exploits I was able to make in the early rounds.  Here are two small screenshots (trying to avoid spoilers) of my favorite moments.

Airborne Forces Capture Key Cities

On my first run, I tried a frontal assault approach which turned into an annoying battle of attrition.  They eventually had overwhelming forces at all choke points.  I was finally able to break through once I used my superior air forces to flank them.  This allowed me to gain a temporary advantage.  The Kashkur forces threatening Rikkon pulled out to re-capture their city (see screenshot) allowing me to make a breakthrough on turn 122.  I used this sacrifice to make a rush on the capital city and force it to abdicate.  The infantry and the bomber were not able to make a dent in this force in the picture.

This revealed an issue with forts which I will be posting about separately.

A Risky Blitz

On my second play through I focused on expansion over direct attack.  This meant I planned to simply hold the line.  Instead, a few lucky artillery shots and a blunder on the AI caused a hole in their lines which I decided to exploit.  I mass produced infantry to exploit the hole and shoved as many armies as I could across the mountains.  I knew that once they brought in air forces it would be game over, because I abandoned every other method of winning.  It paid off, as one of my infantry managed to break through their defenses on turn 55.  And on turn 60 (see screenshot) I was able to reach a capital city before their bomber could arrive, ending the game.

I’ll say this much.  Activating capitals in your game options will make for some additional, arguably easier, winning strategies.

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