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Empire Deluxe Map Script Added

I decided to post up the map script I’ve been working on.  It’s very much a beta, so try it at your own risk.  I would recommend any map file you create be opened through the in-game map editor.  I’ve found it to be the most full-proof method of verifying if it will work properly.  There are two things to consider:

  1. If the file is invalid, the map editor will refuse to load it.  This most likely means you didn’t save the file properly when pulling it from the website.
  2. If the map has clipping when you view it, it means one of the tiles doubled up.  This usually means there are two cities on the same tile.  The best fix for this is to generate a new map.

This script isn’t in a completed state, even though I’m posting it here.  I plan to eventually have the script generate and download a file instead of asking you to create it manually.  And I want to test a few more files to make sure the bugs I can find are found before I say it’s done.

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