Realm of Seran – Chapter Two Released

Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve posted up my latest work – Chapter Two of the three-part series in the Realm of Seran.  You can find them on EDIBLE.

In this chapter, you emerge from the turmoil created from your adventures in Chapter One.  As you are just putting together a stable empire, your expeditions to the south are on the verge of uncovering something that will change the world forever.  Now you have to decide how you will take a unified empire to war, not just a fledgling nation.

I’ve posted the map, which includes some spoilers so watch out.  The current scenario needs more play testing before I will call it finished, so I’ve flagged it as beta.  I’ve also made the scenario so the second player (i.e. two humans) can enjoy this as well.  I recommend you play through the story line as intended (player one) at least once before attempting this as it is still meant as a single player scenario.

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