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Modern Units Update – Aviation Aircraft

I have uploaded version 1.2.0 of the Modern Units Graphics Set (MUGS) to EDIBLE.  This follows the last update where helicopters were added.  This set is the first of four planned groups of aircraft.  In this set you will find helicopter cross overs (VTOL and STOL), light aviation aircraft such as trainers, commercial jets, and early versions of fighters and bombers.

This is also the first set I’m releasing to EDIBLE that uses the new altimeter I added to the EDUT template. There are 74 new images in total, supporting 22 unique UDB entries.  This brings the total number of images in in MUGS to 299.

I am at a decision point with MUGS.  I started this set with the intention of created at least two modern variations of every default Empire Deluxe unit.  Since the aviation category was so broad, I have technically covered all of the default air units.  However, I still have three more categories of air units to go if I choose to keep on the current path.  That means I may get through them in June and release the full aircraft set by end of month if I’m lucky.

Alternatively, I could consider aircraft “completed for now” and move into ships.  Taking this route means there is a chance I will still be able to release the full set within the month.  It will accomplish the original intent of providing modern alternatives to the default units, but will not meet the full scope I envisioned for this set.  I worry that if I take this path the full set may never see the light of day once I put my gold stamp on it since I have a small backlog of requests that I will be tempted to start.

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