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HD Isometric Polygon Set (HIPS) Uploaded

I’ve decided to upload the HD Isometric Polygon Set (HIPS) terrain set to EDIBLE.  This set represents the first deviation from my usual graphic style.  I developed the set using a series of high contrast polygons.  At closer zoom levels, you can see the detail in the vector-drawn shapes.  At further zoom levels, the high contrast colors make it easier to spot terrain.  These were my first attempt at making a full terrain set using the the 128×128 24bpp template.

Also with this change comes a new method for uploading and maintaining files.  I’ve included a README with installation instructions.   Going forward I will also be posting direct download links in the full posts (click the Read More link) so you don’t have to search EDIBLE if you are following the blog instead.  I plan to spend some time applying this new format to some of the files I already put on EDIBLE, just to maintain consistency.  In the meantime, please let me know if you have any feedback on this set as I plan to make more at this setting in the future.

I started working on this after I hit a number of roadblocks with the Advance Wars graphics port.  Instead of waiting, I re-read Roy Batty’s original request and interpreted the request as wanting a new tile set specifically designed for EDCE, but with Nintendo’s artistic style applied.  Once I tinkered with a few ideas, I found it challenging enough to deliver the result you see now.

Download File

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