October 2020 Update

I am still struggling to find free time as it is a busy time of the year as we start planning for 2021.  Any time I get is being spent on changes to our end of year tournament which will most likely be virtual.  My goal is to have all the rules posted publicly which is time consuming as there are many edits and unknowns.

Later this month, or more likely next month, I will be re-adding the Empire Deluxe player’s guide to this website.  The official tournament documentation, which was integrated into the players guide 8 years back in 2012, has been offline ever since the server crash in 2016.  Only the hard copies remain as I never bothered to re-type them.

However, with the tournament moving to EDCE this year, the need to get an updated version posted is a priority.  I want proper due diligence on this update so I am re-typing the whole document by hand.  I plan to update the screenshots from Empire Deluxe to EDCE as well if I get time.  The reason I am doing the whole document, and not just the rules, is because I know the player’s guide may never get re-posted if I do not do it now.

Moreover, there are rules that no longer apply to EDCE.  Some of the scoring will have to be different due to some missing features in EDCE such as saving scenario backups for moderators.  I am updating these in the document as I go and will make amendments as necessary once we start playing games with the new rule set.

Other than that, I still have a short backlog of upcoming items I am collecting.  My AI analysis is done and I’m eagerly anticipating the upcoming patch.  My next items will be on a new random map generator, a new unit set, and hopefully an updated version of MUD as well.

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