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Ground Forces Unit Tiles Uploaded

I’ve uploaded the new 128×128 unit tiles for Ground Forces.  This tile set represents the template I plan to use for future unit tiles.  I used real objects for the outline design and the additional texture is meant to help identify it from a distance. For instance, I decided to move away from the iconic cross gun icon and use a soldier.  This iconic symbol of ED is now visible in the top left corner of the image instead.

The reason behind this is to keep the empty space relatively consistent between all of the icons I’m using.  To fill in the empty space on this (and presumably the ones to come, especially ships) I am using a series of emblems to help identify the units from a distance.  In fact, the zoom capability of the game is the biggest obstacle to overcome here.

Anyway, the icons are posted to EDIBLE.  Because of my progress, I’ll probably rush through the remainder of the images before I take a break and work on updating the database.

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