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AI Script – Modern Units AI v0.0.1a

Today I have uploaded the first pass at an AI for MUD.  This is posted to EDIBLE in the usual spot.  Note that, like MUD, this is an alpha upload as the set is not yet fully functional so lots of future changes are expected.  It’s also worth noting that the AI is capable of using MUD without this AI script which is why it is packaged separately.

This update is long overdue.  I began making this almost as soon as I released the set back in January but I lacked good understanding of how the AI used scripts.  The main objective of this is to make sure the AI knows how to use all units in the MUD set.  To that it end, this script works.  I ran a few test runs with this script and the understanding is there.  However, the AI is sometimes overwhelmed with the amount of options and may focus on producing a handful of unit types per game instead of spreading across a wide variety of options.

I recommend playing this with drain turned off for the AI if you want a competitive match.  Be warned, the AI expands a lot quicker with this set than it does in the original.  MUD emphasizes supporting fire and maneuverability which the AI excels at with this script.  In fact, if you are struggling to play this set, watch an AI vs. AI match to get ideas on how to use it properly.

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