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New Tile Layout – EDUT

After about two weeks of revisions, I settled on this layout for the unit tiles.  It’s called the Empire Deluxe Unit Template (EDUT). After searching through the EDCE manual, doing some in-game tests, and searching through the art assets I determined all of the possible status options I could identify without making any code changes.  The picture posted here shows the general layout I will be using going forward.  You can already see it in action with the ground unit post I made yesterday.

The Empire Deluxe Unit Template (EDUT)

For those who are curious, or attempting to make their own icon sets, here are all the identifiers I took into account when I made this:

  1. Main Unit Icon – There is a loaded and an unloaded version, and if applicable a grounded and airborne version.
  2. Insignia or Zoom Identifier – At far distances, icons can look the same especially for ships.  Provide an identifier (I used colorized insignia’s) to identify units at higher zoom levels
  3. Owner Icon – Provide a color to easily identify the owner at a distance.  In most cases this is done by coloring the Main Unit Icon.  I provided a secondary identifier.
  4. Load Status – Provide loaded and unloaded conditions.  You can also provide the load types for each unique unit icon.
  5. Activity State – Game offers three states – Active, Sentry, and Dug-in
  6. Health Status – Game offers two states.  Active and Crippled.  This icon is an overlay and can be combined with other identifiers
  7. Readiness State – Game offers five levels of readiness.  This is an overlay and can be combined with other identifiers
  8. Unit Level – Game offers three levels of experience.  This is an overlay and can be combined with other identifiers.

With that, additional icons are on their way soon.  However, the greater definition provides a different experience than what you are used to seeing.  I can tell you the more I play test with them, and get used to using the identifiers instead of the icons themselves, the more I like the set.  If you are the type of person who likes clearly decipherable images at distant zoom levels, then the approach I’m taking is not for you.


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