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Tradelands is a unique trading game that takes place in the fictional Grand Isles during the Age of Sail.  You take command of a merchant vessel (or a pirate ship) and earn a living making doubloons.  Through the course of the game, you will encounter the various factions and navies, as well as other merchants and traders.  The game sports a fantastically robust economy that, because it is 100% player driven, mirrors the same mechanics you could expect in a real-world economy.

Several members of the Empire Deluxe Tournament are members of an unofficial fleet called Fire & Builders Trading Co.  This group is an unofficial fleet that focuses on tradings and other mercantile activities.  The fleet is not a navy and does not perform mercenary or privateer work.  It’s preferred home base in the Kingdom of Whitecrest where it maintains the stock exchange as well as well as its various ledgers and statistical analysis.

Grand Isles Stock Exchange (GISE)

The Fire & Builder’s Trading Co. maintains an active stock exchange that updates twice a week.  It maintains three primary indexes that allow members to buy and sell shares of stocks that are priced according to the various Value Indexes.  The indexes are are based on price that goods and materials cost in-game.  Snapshots of the three indexes are taken every week and updated on this site.  The group maintains an active Discord channel where you can get more frequent and detailed updates.

Indexes Last Updated On: 05/25/2021