Tradelands – GISE Price Guide In Progress

A lot has happened in the past 72 hours that have expedited my plans to reinstate the GISE Indexes on this website.  This post was originally supposed to be a gentle notice about starting an alternative price guide, but it has turned into an urgent requirement that F&BP’s material pricing be recorded somewhere.  Unfortunately, this has placed some of my EDCE updates on the backburner until I can get something up and running.

Last June, I posted an announcement that I would no longer be updating GISE on this website until the daily volume went above 200 per day.  This was for practical reasons, not selfish ones, because without a significant volume the AI conducting the analysis wasn’t able to provide reliable results.  That threshold was hit back in December 2021 and caused me to re-introduce the updated market data to this site.  I was planning to keep the update centered on the existing indexes and direct anyone interested in more detail to the Discord server.

That is, until the “unofficial” price guide for Tradelands was de-listed as a community site this weekend.  The reasons for the sudden and drastic action can be described as “predictable and precedented,” and thus do not require further discussion by me or the rest of our trade group.  It happened and that is all that matters.

Unfortunately, the practical outcome of that decision was to effectively remove the only source of price information available to the general player base.  The wiki prices were deleted a while ago.  The auction server prices are the only ones actively updated, but they are not publicly available.  That means if you are a new player, you are more likely to feel like you are being taken advantage of and quit.

Fortunately, the F&BP group maintains their own private Discord, free from the chaos that de-listed the price guide.  Thanks to some stellar work by mindminder last year, a fully operational trading index was created for most of the resources that are tradable in-game.  For the past three months, I’ve been cross checking the results of the script to the actual in-game values and it seems to have better accuracy than the existing auction price guide.

In summary, there is a reason I’m thankful we chose to keep our gaming group private all these years.  We are able to focus our attention on the real issues of the game, such as helping new players understand the right prices for the resources they grind.  With this in mind, I do take suggestions on how to provide the data in a way that is meaningful to players.  Once I have that worked out, there will be a new page added where the GISE resource prices will be freely available to anyone who play Tradelands.

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