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Map of the Western Continent of Anima, Beyond Fantasy

Gaia is the world of the Tabeltop RPG Anima : Beyond Fantasy.  Today I have added the Western Continent of Anima to EDIBLE and, after a few more minor tweaks, it will be available on the in-game EDCE database as well.  This map is 198 x 323 making it a vertically oriented map.  It may feel and play differently than other Empire maps you are used to playing.  Moreover, the map is set to wrap bother vertically and horizontally which increases the invasion options available to players.

The intention is to eventually release the entire atlas of Anima as depicted in the Gaia handbook.  However, the maps proportions indicate it will be too large for casual players to enjoy a complete game.  In playtests conducted on the map being released today, players require around 500 turns to complete a game against four or more AI opponents.  This is already touching the upper threshold of game duration for all but the most dedicated players.

The world includes multiple land-based bottlenecks separating wide open plains, a feature typically reserved for naval battles.  These promise some unique outcomes as outflanking your opponent is harder to accomplish in secret maneuvers.  The AI seems to have a good grasp of the map as well and has fewer false starts than some of the random maps generated with the in-game map scripts.

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