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Falklands War British Forces – Completed

Last night around midnight I completed the final list of British forces for the Falklands War map.  The screenshot shows the initial disposition of the British Task Force as it makes its way out of Ascension and the British Isles.  This map now represents almost 200 hours of research to complete.  I am quite pleased with the final results, although I had to make some sacrifices for the sake of playability.  My original intention was to place all units and intelligence at their April 10th locations.  This wasn’t possible to do and keep the scenario playable, so I’ve added some house rules to the description and moved a few things around to make it interesting.

The main sacrifice is moving the placement of some units out of their true April 10th location.  This is due to playability limitations, where I felt it would remove some strategic options that were really considered during the war, such as the assault on South Georgia.   Another example is the decision to move the British task force to the start of the exclusion zone, while in truth it was still sailing towards it.

All that said, I will say the British forces turned out to have an almost 100 unit advantage over the Argentinian defenders.  I’m curious to know how this plays out, and if the defensive bonuses of a well played Argentine player will be able to repel what now seems to be an overwhelming invasion force.  Ironic really, that after placing the Argentinian forces I though there was no way the British would win this campaign, and now I am thinking the opposite.  This mirrors how analysts felt about the war at the time as well.  So perhaps there is some validity behind how this scenario will work.  Although, if it always results in a British victory as it did in real life, this scenario won’t have much replayability.

Nevertheless, I will be uploading a beta version of the map soon.  I want to playtest it myself a few times before I upload a final version.  I’m worried that the scale of this scenario exceeded even my expectations, and as a result may be at the limits of EDCE’s ability to handle it.

Here are a few statistics to whet your appetite until I get the beta uploaded:

  • Total Argentinian units:  483
  • Total British units: 575
  • Number of Argentine Fleets in action: 5
  • Number of British Fleets in action: 2
  • Number of Cities: 67 (9 important cities)
  • Unit Set: Enhanced Units
  • Number of Human Players: 2
  • Map size: 238 x 149

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