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Miscellaneous Terrain Tiles Released

I’ve released a small tile set to supplement the city tiles.  These are a 128×128 tile set and it covers the three miscellaneous tiles found in the terrain directory.  The screenshot provided in this post shows how the tiles look next to the city tiles released earlier.  This screenshot comes from the Falklands War scenario with nuclear blasts added.

Overall, I’m happy with the outcome of the mines and the nuclear scarring images.  I struggled with the best method to use for the supplies.  This is both the most common icon to appear on the map and the most important from a strategic standpoint.  I started planning on making an oil well on the map, but I couldn’t make this blend well with lower resolution terrains.  The best option was the oil spill from Deepwater Horizon, but this was too similar to the current icon and I wanted something new.  So this is a new take on it, but like the city tiles it’s hard to see at higher resolutions.  Once I get further into making updates, I will probably come back and revisit an upgraded version of this set in the future.

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