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Modern Units Update – Blue Water Navy

Version 2.0.3 of the Modern Units Graphic Set is uploaded.  This update contains the ships in the Blue Water category. There are 40 images added to the set.  If you wish to see the previous release, you can find the chain here.

I had multiple distractions in the past month, so this update will hopefully get me back on track.  This Blue Water update will finish off the generic ships in each of the three naval battle spaces.  The next updates will focus on specialized ships now that the three sea-based battle spaces are complete.

Here is a quick overview of the categories in this set:

  • Transport Ships.  This category represents the largest of ocean faring vessels.  They are light on defenses and heavy on cargo capacity.
  • Attack Craft. These are the primary escorts for sea and ocean going vessels, especially against submarines.
  • Destroyers. These ships provide offensive escort capabilities for multiple functions including amphibious landing support.
  • Special Mission.  These ships provide unique and multi-purpose functions.  These ships are meant to work as central command vessels for a fleet.
  • Landing Docks.  Landing docks are ocean going amphibious assault ships meant to be docks and motherships for other landing ships.

The next few updates will be for specialized ships.  So far no submarines have been added to this set, so that is one clear addition I will be making in the near future.  I don’t know yet if it will be in the next update I make.

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