Basic Explosions Released

I’ve added the Basic Explosions Set to EDIBLE.  The picture shows three different animation types that this set includes.  I’ve updated the animations when attacking, bombarding, and dropping nukes.  These are all at 128×128 definition with matches the resolution all my newer tiles are using.

The old explosion animations were just too out of place with some of the updated graphics I’ve been making.  I see these as more of a temporary measure than the permanent answer.  They are meant to blend in with the 128×128 graphic sets, with the nuclear animations actually leaving the bomb crater from the miscellaneous set.

Despite its temporary nature, I’m happy with the result.  The attack damage animations aren’t changes a whole lot, just better definition.  The artillery barrage has multiple shell explosions which I prefer over the original “mini explosion.”  I made an attempt at making an interested Nuke blast which didn’t meet my expectations.  Some of what I tried worked well while others did not.  The results are still better than the original in my opinion.

The release of this artwork is somewhat bittersweet.  On the plus side, I’ve covered most of the graphics I wanted to cover before moving into unit tiles.  So unit updates are coming shortly.  On the other hand, I may be taking a break from graphic art for a while.  There are some updates to the website I want to test which will make posting updates easier if they work.  Also, I want to take another look at the map generator as I uncovered some bugs.

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