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Modern Units Update – Fighter Aircraft

Today I have posted version 1.4.0 of the Modern Units Graphic Set (MUGS).  You can find this on EDIBLE under Art assets.  You can hear more about the previous posts here and here. This set includes 80 new tiles and  8 aircraft types.  Planes represented range from the F4 variants used in 1970 to the latest fighter to be announced, the J-20 earlier this year.  That spans almost 50 years of aviation.

The next and final addition to the aircraft will be bombers.  I am still on target to have those completed before the end of the month.  After that, I will probably be taking a slight break before I move into the ships tiles.

Here is a quick overview of the aircraft types represented in this set:

  • Early Fighters – This category represents early generations of supersonic fighters.  These are characterized by heavy dog fighting capabilities and limited multi-role capability.
  • Modern Fighters – These fighters heavily rely on technology and most can engage other fighters outside of detection/sight ranges.
  • Special Fighters – Cheaper fighters that perform well in specific roles, but lack multi-role capabilities.
  • Advanced Fighters – These fighters are built to gain and sustain air superiority.  They are the most expensive fighters in the game.
  • Maritime Fighters – Naval fighters in two flavors.
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