Site Update Causing Some Downtime

I recently performed a series of site upgrades which have cost me a few days of downtime.  Also, my real-life job is quite demanding in February so updates are getting noticeably slower.  This is likely to continue for a few weeks before I can get back into things.

The good news is, this post is proof that I have fixed the majority of issues caused by the upgrade and full write functionality has been restored.  In the process of fixing it, I also worked on a concept for how I want to approach updates to the financial system of WoN.  This was the last major UI point I needed to add in order to get the financial module in a working state.  I will tell you that I’m probably going to implement a quick and dirty approach for now, because I just want to get it done.

On the modding front, after my lengthy post earlier this month, I can tell you I’ve already seen my efficiency with artwork for Unity improve based on my findings.  I’ll be releasing some updated animations pretty soon.  Once this is done, I still have a few more housekeeping items I want to cover before I start making unit tiles.

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