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HIPS Icon City Set (ICS) Uploaded

I’ve uploaded a fairly basic city set for the HIPS terrain set to EDIBLE.  This is a 128×128 24bpp set to match the same style as HIPS.  I used the same template as the RUCS city set, so it’s compatible with sets using RUCS and EDUT art styles.  However, the unique art style of these isometric polygons means it still performs best as a HIPS extension.

Cities with low efficiency will appear as houses.  Middle tier efficiency appears as mansions.  Cities with efficiency above 100% will have high rises, with a four tower icon (not pictured) as the highest tier level.

This set was more of a placeholder.  HIPS will work best when/if the developer allows terrain to act independently of cities and allows alpha channels.  It demonstrates an artistic style I am thinking to adopt for future units in the event that alpha channels are available.  Namely, the use of borders to identify unit ownership and status instead of the entire tile.  I think it worked well, it’s just I didn’t spend a lot of time on the icons.  If alpha channels becomes a thing, I’ll spend the time to make better depictions.

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