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EDUT Readiness Integrated with Levels Set (RaILS) Uploaded

I’ve uploaded the Readiness Integrated with Levels Set (RaILS) set for EDUT.  It is available on EDIBLE.  This is a 128×128 24bpp graphic that changes the readiness bars into three circular icons.  This is one of the core components to the EDUT template and the final component of the set.  In the near future I will be combining all of the core components into a single download to make it easier to use.

With regards to the readiness indicators.  The colors change based on the readiness of each unit, and the number of circles indicate their level.

There are five colors used:

  • Crimson Red – This unit has no readiness and should not be used offensively.
  • Red – Low readiness.  On some levels this is the same as no readiness.
  • Orange – Low Readiness.  Unit is not ready for combat.
  • Yellow – Medium readiness.  However, unit is ready for combat against other units who are not at full readiness.
  • Green – High Readiness. Unit is fully ready against a unit at this level.
  • Blue – High Readiness.  Unit will out-perform units at this level.

Along with colors, units that achieve seniority will have additional readiness indicators.  The color of each circle provides a comparison of how ready this unit is against a unit of the same or less seniority.

  • Top Circle – This is the unit’s readiness against Level 3 units.
  • Middle Circle – This is the unit’s readiness against Level 2 units.
  • Bottom Circle – This is the unit’s readiness against Level 1 units.

For example, in the screenshot provided the armor unit is a level 2 unit.  It has high readiness against Level 1 units and medium readiness against level 2 units.  Along with the crippled state cross from the Status Icons set, you have the tactical information needed for you to decide if you are going to attack the armor to it’s east, head northeast and attach the infantry unit, or rest.

Download File

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