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MUD Random Map Generator Version 0.0.4 Uploaded

I have uploaded the newest version of the MUD Random Map Generator on EDIBLE.  The changes are almost all behind the scenes with the biggest change being I have integrated the MUD Random Map Generator into the new MapScript API.  This update will automatically generate the map file for you instead of relying on the previous manual process.  It also allows integration within the EDCE interface with just a basic understanding of how to compile the in-game scripts.

This update is almost entirely behind the scenes.  It is fully backward compatible and supports all versions of MUD I’ve uploaded to-date.  Here is a list of changes:

  • Script has been integrated into the EDIBLE MapScript API.  Two parameters are opened, height and width.
  • The script now generates the map file automatically.  The manual components of the previous versions have been automated.
  • Provided guidance on the min and max for the script.  Set a timeout for files that take too long to render.
  • Fixed a bug where NE tiles were not registering properly during river and terrain mapping procedures.
  • Adjusted the method used to generate coastal tiles.  It should generate fewer anomalies now.
  • Map script now uses the UNSD Database for city names.

Know issues include:

  • Larger files still require time to process.
  • There are still some known issues with how the script draws shallows and coasts.

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