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Custom UDB’s and the Power of Two

I thought it is about time to post my first update for the new UDB.  This set is a work in progress, and with about 10 unit graphics being complete per week, I suspect is will be at least another four months before this gets posted.  Yes, that’s right.  I’m expecting this set to end up at around 200 units when I’m done.  Oh, and that timeline is only for the graphics.

Infantry types each have two variants per sub-class. Marines and Line Infantry represent the Heavy Infantry sub-class.

I’m using the EDUT template for this entire set.  Most of the graphics for infantry look similar, but this won’t be the case for other units.  However, infantry will have the highest degree of statistical variety for the cost and I anticipate these being the most commonly produced units throughout the course of the game.

Here is a quick breakdown on the infantry types I have identified already.  At each level there are two specializations.  I found this to be the right amount of variety at each level.

  • Civilians.  These are armed civilians.  They are no match for heavily armed forces, but receive special bonuses to hiding and controlling cities.
  • Light Infantry. These lightly armed troops provide niche services including pathfinding and recon.
  • Heavy Infantry. The mainstay of your army once you can afford them.  They are well equipped to handle almost all enemy unit types.
  • Special Forces.  Expensive and well trained, these are your shock troopers.  They are used to take down specialized targets but are circumstantial.
  • Engineers.  Capable of providing unique buildings and terrain modifications.  They span multiple tiers.

Vehicles are next on my list.  I need to review the list as it has over 100 entries (excluding tanks) which is entirely too many for this to be reasonably usable in-game.  Like I said, this is going to take me a long while before I get anything posted up.  Despite my original hesitancy, I will likely be posting partial updates for play testing purposes due to the size.

Oh, and be aware that this set doesn’t have a working AI.  So that is an added complexity that will make this even more complicated.

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