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New Unit Art Coming Soon

I am putting the finishing touches on my latest unit image set and expect to have them posted soon.  This is my most ambitious project yet and currently includes over 150 images, with category placeholders as well for those who want to use paint to made additional versions of the ones I uploaded.

This set includes 5 different categories of ground units to choose from.  I decided to release all of these at once rather than piecemeal.  I personally found this method to be quick a challenge and will probably not do it this way in the future.  But with a set that expected to eventually include over 300 images, this was the best way to do it.

Lastly, the screenshot reveals an “Easter egg.”  Yes, I am building a unit DB that intends to use every one of these images.  Unfortunately, this will have to wait some time before I can release it.  I need enough of the total categories I have planned to be be completed for balance reasons.  But it’s coming as well.

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