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Modern Units Update – Helicopters

The Modern Unit set has been updated and renamed to the Modern Unit Graphics Set (MUGS).  Rather than continue compiling new mini sets I will be putting all of the intended graphics into this one set as I make them.  That means this file is going to start getting very large.

This update includes the addition of a new category of helicopters.  There are five helicopter types, most with the full 8 tiles for each, for a total of around 60 unique images.

Here is a quick overview of each category:

  • Observation Helicopters – These are your traditional recon and anti-air helicopters.
  • Attack Helicopters – These are your gunships such as the Apache Helicopter pictured here.
  • Transport Helicopters – There is a light variety and a heavy variety.
  • Maritime Helicopters – Transport helicopters with a naval flavor.
  • Special Operations – Two special aircraft which are included as they have a specific purpose in the UDB I will be launching with this.

I decided to release this separately because I am white boarding an idea I want to try with airplanes.  I originally meant to include helicopters with the air set, but once I went down this path helicopters fit better with the ground units.  I plan to do some play testing this weekend, and if the idea pans out I will post an update here and will start working on releasing some air and sea units next.

Until then, here is a link to the updated MUGS file, which of course is also available on EDIBLE.

Download File

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