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Modern Units Update – Green Water Navy

Version 2.0.2 of the Modern Units Graphic Set is uploaded.  This update contains the ships in the Green Water category. There are 38 images added to the set bringing the total to almost 600.  If you wish to see the previous release, the obligatory link to older version can be found here.

The focus of these ships are in controlling shallow waters and have 4 large ships dedicated to troop landings.  This is also the first set to include purpose built stealth ships. The naval doctrine for green water focuses on littoral combat, which in Empire terms is shallow water tiles.  In real life this is a bridge for navies of brown water to become blue water navies.  This set follows this philosophy as many of the units in this category are essentially smaller versions of purpose built blue water ships that will be coming in future updates.

Here is a quick overview of the categories in this set:

  • Transport Craft.  These are ocean faring civilian vessels converted for wartime purposes.  Some can even carry landing craft from the brown water set.
  • Assault Craft. These small frigate-like craft are built for speedy recon and deployment through littoral tiles.
  • Patrol Boats. Cheap ships lightly armored and heavily armed.  They are best used for hit and run tactics and can stand up to capital ships if they hit first.
  • Special Auxiliary.  Ships that have a purpose built function such as repairing ships or mine-sweeping.
  • Landing Ships.  Effectively the transports of old Empire Deluxe.  These ships are built to allow large numbers of troops to conduct amphibious operations.

In my last post, I mentioned how the sets will progressively become more potent and more powerful.  This set follows that example.  The landing ships in particular expand on the options available to brown water navies, even allowing most brown ships to be carried here.  As I start the next set, blue water, this trend will continue.

As a side note, I have another Pathfinder session coming up so there may not be an update to this set for two weeks or more.  I’ll post more updates once I have them.

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