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Fighter Planes In Progress

I’ve finished a first pass for all of the fighter planes I intend to put in the next update.  There is only one more I need to update (F-18) and once that is done I will be ready to update this site.  I expect that to be uploaded on Friday if I’m able to get a bit more free time tomorrow.

One thing that may disappoint for this update is a lack of usual scrutiny around the squadron/regiment insignia.  Usually, I try to pick a famous unit/insignia and use that on the unit icon.  But the truth is that I came across far too many options for some of them, which in the past meant I do some research and justify the one I picked and why.  However, because I do want to try and have all aircraft done by end of June, I cut some corners here.  If it really starts to bother me, I’ll post an updated unit in the future with a new insignia.

In other news, I had time to work on the legacy Empire Deluxe machine.  I found an old strategy guide which, after reading, as prompted me to consider re-opening the old EDCE strategy guide I was putting together a few months back.  I’ve put that back on my agenda of items to come once I’m done with this Modern Units set.

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