November 2021 Update

It’s been two months since my last update.  I promise I haven’t abandoned this site.  I’ve just become busy with real-life activities.  My free time has been dedicated to making the Afghanistan scenario which is becoming a big time sink.  As soon as I can get back on track, updates will start becoming more frequent.

Picking Afghanistan as a scenario during a time when it is a political mess was a bad idea in hindsight.  Too much misinformation makes it difficult to track down relevant information.  Nonetheless, I am committed to getting it done so a lot of updates will have to wait until I finish off a draft.  I will also have to post an update to the MUD unit database in order to put in AI support.  This is because the AI player has a hard time understanding when it is appropriate to morph units.

Second to this, we are nearing the time when the EDTC comes together for out end of year finale.  There were three qualifying games played during the year, all on randomly generated maps.  As a result, we should have no issues finding at least four players to compete.  With work from home restrictions lifting, we aren’t sure if we will stick with EDCE or go back to Legacy ED for our end of year tournament.  As we meet and finalize our plans there will be more information updated on this site.  Stay tuned.

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