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Modern Units Update – Capital Ships

At last, I have uploaded the Capital Ships update for the Modern Units Graphics Set (MUGS).  You can download the latest version on EDIBLE.  For the history of updates, you can find that chain here.  This update adds 290 tiles to set, leaving the total number of graphics to roughly 900.  Capital ships encompass all of the ship categories defined as “capital” in the modern sense, meaning submarines and carriers are included in this update even thought hey are a separate in-game category.

This set rounds out the naval category.  All that remains before I move into turning this set into a unit database is the space units and bases.  These will be relatively small additions in comparison to recent updates, as game mechanics don’t allow for much over thinking.  I expect to add several different air base types, an anti-recon option, and shuttles to this category.  That will probably be it.

Here is a quick overview of the categories in this update:

  • Light Capital Ships. Lighter and faster than other capital ships.  They are the cheapest options for smaller navies.
  • Medium Capital Ships. This category makes up the standard cruiser types, modeled after 1970’s naval doctrine.
  • Battle Cruisers. Lightly armored capital ships carrying larger artillery guns.
  • Dreadnoughts.  These are your battleships in the most basic sense, modeled after 1970’s naval doctrine.
  • AEGIS. The most advanced warships using conventional warfare.  These are also your missile carriers.
  • Escort Carriers. This category are your cheap aircraft carrier options.
  • Helicopter Carriers.  Like landing ships, but specifically built to carry helicopters.
  • Light Carriers. Lightest fleet carriers.  These are modeled after jump deck carriers in present naval doctrine.
  • Fleet Carriers.  The largest carriers in the world.
  • Auxiliary Capital Ships. These are support ships designed to work with other capital ships in an auxiliary capacity.
  • Transport Submarines.  Cheap all-round submarines based on early missile submarines.
  • Attack Submarines.  A broad category of submarines that cover offensive submarines.
  • Ballistic Missile Submarine.  These are your underwater nuclear weapon transports.
  • Conventional Missile Submarine. These are modeled after modern and future multi-purpose submarines.
  • Special Mission Submarine.  This category includes the cheapest subs as well as the most advanced quiet subs.
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