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Meer Sea Uploaded for Empire Deluxe

The Meer Sea is a fairly new addition to the Empire Deluxe collection and is now available on EDIBLE.  The world itself is known to us as the Besaren Campaign.  The campaign takes places after the leaders of the great houses are killed under mysterious circumstances during a global conference.  Now six of the lesser houses must rise up to fill the void before the entire region descends into anarchy and chaos.  The map features a horizontal wrap, efficiency adjustments to stagger starts, two large continents, and a total of 200 cities placed based on locations from the campaign setting.

It’s November and that means we are starting to plan for our 2019 Empire Deluxe Tournament.  Last year we had four players who beat themselves to an utter standstill.  After four rounds, we all agreed that the underdog performed the best.  As of now, it looks like we may have a full house this year – six total players.  This map received the most votes during our initial meeting and therefore I am posting it here for anyone who wishes to take a look.

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