Performing a Quick Website Update

I made a quick website update today due to some expiring domains and certifications.  I took the time to perform some cleanup on old domains I no longer use, including the old NOE domain. I have been monitoring traffic and it was not used in over 9 months so I assume at this point everyone has migrated to this site.  I’ll be monitoring the traffic for the next few weeks to make sure the active domains are still working.  If I notice any issues I will make some additional changes.

Shutting the old URL’s down for good marks the end of an an era.  It was 14 years ago when I first registered that domain and begun this project.  Back then is was nothing more than a pet project as I hand crafting the maps with the Civ3 editor.  Now I am converting the map files into use for EDCE due to it’s improved mapping capabilities over previous ED iterations.  This is a long process, and because of it’s potential it will keep me away from the WON player for a bit longer.

I’m also considering the possibility of converting the web-based maps into a Unity based application.  I’ve seen this done by a few other indie developers and it may be the route to go.  Unfortunately, web technology is changing so fast it’s hard to keep up.  In fact, the current game engine is already due for another JavaScript overhaul, which is yet another reason why I am not working on it right now.

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