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MUD Update – Version 0.0.2a

It only took a couple of days to find an issue with the recently updated Modern Unit Database. I’ve posted an updated version to EDIBLE. If you downloaded v0.0.1a and already played a few games with it, this version is fully backward compatible and should not affect what you are doing.

As a side note, this release effects a new change I’m making to how I post updates. I will no longer be posting the full version log as I have in the past. Instead, I will be keeping the versions that are not backward compatible but will be overwriting smaller updates. This change is prompted by how the files have been downloaded in the past.  Some of the smaller updates have very few downloads, if any at all.  It’s also easier to maintain a smaller file list.  If this ends up becoming a problem, I will go back to my old method of posting every update as a separate file.

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