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Modern Units Database – Version 0.0.11 Uploaded

AI expansion in North America on Random Earth Map.

After nearly a year, the next iteration of the Modern Units Database (MUD) has been posted to EDIBLE. It’s very important to note that I’m trying some “experimental” features which, if they work, will lead to some additional features in the future. This expands on the updates that were made in the last update, which you can find on the 0.0.10 change log.

Most of this update focuses on fixing some easy issues found during play testing. However, behind the scenes I am planning to do a re-vamp of some stats within the set based on new details emerging from the various conflicts in the world which are showing new data to consider.


General Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where constructing bases could result in a game crash.
  • Clarified the descriptor text for numerous units.  Use the DB button for in-game stats, as these descriptions were mostly drawn from official definitions of units, with little modification (to keep them true to their source definitions).
  • Clarified Line Infantry descriptive text to help identify how their stats were segmented from other similar types. For example, Conscripts such as those used in the 1982 Falklands War by Argentina are technically Paramilitary, whereas US Army Reservists are Line Infantry.
  • Added a sentence on Marine Infantry from the article defining “Professional Soldier.”
  • SPAAG’s can attack missiles, but are less effective than CIWS.
  • Airship re-named to HAV / JLENS to better represent the combination of vehicles that make up its stats.
  • Swapped Missile Boat and Missile Ship to follow the correct classification structure.
  • Minesweeper is now correctly named MCMV.
  • Cities now receive defensive bonuses against infantry swarms.  This is a “hotfix” since cities currently cannot adopt fort-like behavior.

Ground Unit Changes

  • Reduced effectiveness of paramilitary units outside of urban settings.  This increases the need to use Insurgency mode for ambushes.
  • Doubled attrition for Line Infantry.
  • Updated name of Special Weapons to reflect the type of defensive fire it is doing.  Empire doesn’t allow you to defensive fire against all unit types, so you have to select the one you are targeting.

Air Unit Changes

  • Changed ASW and CSAR Helicopter costs to match current cost (approx.. $48.5M).  Previous costs were not adjusted for inflation.
  • Helicopter – Heavy Lift can now carry medium (Portage 3) artillery units. This is an experimental change so it might be undone in the future.
  • HAV / JLENS costs reduced based on newly disclosed production costs.  Portage weight updated to 5 based on newly released benchmark data.
  • Early Fighter ranged attack damage reduced to Level 2 (infrared).

Naval Unit Changes

  • Patrol Boat cost reduced to $4.9M.  Removed expensive versions of this class which are “mislabeled” as PB’s by their navies and should actually be larger vessels.
  • Adjusted speed for Inflatables.  It should now allow you to use it as picket ships, but not as endless sea transports.  Note this breaks the AI so I will be updating the script for them soon.
  • Increased Monitor portage capacity to allow for medium helicopters and (since there’s an actual occurrence of it) VTOL Fighters.
  • MCMV anti-ship attack values halved.

Space Units

  • All recon satellites are now geosynchronous until I can work out a long term plan for them.  Use the launch vehicles to get them in the position you want.
  • This note does NOT apply to the space station, ASAT, shuttles, and tethers.
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