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Random Earth Map Beta Release

The Random Earth Map generator is posted.  You can access the latest version here or find it on EDIBLE along with its supporting unit set.  This is not a final version and contains several bugs, but it works which is why I’ve posted it regardless of the issues.

In my last update, I commented on the need to modify the terrain generator.  This is complete and I am fairly happy with the results.  However, the various data sets I am using have some nuances to them that have some discrepancies in their GPS coordinates.  I decided I want to add some modifications to the script to merge them all under the same method of handling GPS coordinates before I call this a completed script.  As a result, this is a beta.

Don’t get me wrong, the maps works just fine in EDCE.  But some players will notice that cities are not exactly where they would be expected to go, or how a river curves in a way that seems incorrect, and so on.  The perfectionist in me wants to hold myself accountable to fixing these, although a casual player may not even know about them.

Finally, I want to mention that I will be going into maintenance mode for a while.  My last updates were all alpha and beta updates, and I owe some updates to them before I start focusing wholly on something new.  If the runway for these maintenance tasks goes for more than a few weeks, I’ll post an update to my future modding plans.


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