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MUD Update 0.0.3 and Movement Sound Pack

The Movement Sound Pack is a collection of movement sounds for EDCE.  The pack includes 68 sounds recorded from several military and civilian vehicles averaging between 5 to 10 seconds per clip.  There are trucks, tanks, helicopters, bombers, fighters, watercraft, submersed pings, and electronic noises.  The sounds can be mixed and matched to produce a more unique EDCE experience but were specifically tailored to MUD which will also have a parallel update added to EDIBLE.

This pack is almost 100MB in size.  As a result, I decided to pack the sound files as its own entry in EDIBLE so you don’t have to download the whole MUD set if you are only interested in the sound files. There are still some tweaks I want to make to this set so I’m listing it as a pre-release.  Once I find time, I will to fix the volume settings for each clip as some clips are noticeably louder than others.  This has to do with how I placed the microphone when recording and will need some adjustments once I find some time to work on equalizing the files.

Here is a quick reference list for the sound files and their origin.

Unit Name Sound Source
AR FV101,IS3, MERKAVA, STRV, T55, T72 Sounds taken from armor bearing the same name during public maneuvers event.
BO A10 Flyby recording from Mach Loop
BO B2, B52, U2 (x2) Public fly-over events in USA.
CA CARRIER USS Enterprise Decommission Ceremony
DE BURKEPING Underwater Ping from Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyer
FI F4, F14, F15, F16, F18, F22, F35, HARRIER, Mig21, PROVOST, TORNADO Flyby recording from Mach Loop by aircraft of the designation listed
HE APACHE, Bell400, BLACKHAWK, BLIMP, CHINOOK, HIND, HUEY Sounds taken from helicopters bearing the same name during public maneuvers event.
IN MARCH Marching on dry grass, recorded 10 times on loop
ML STS132 Recorded during Cape Canaveral Launch
PB TORPEDO (x2) WW2 Torpedo Boat, two different angles
SA BEEP (x2), MORSE (“PEOPLE”), SPUTNIK (x2) Public recordings of various machine sounds.  Sputnik from LOC and Morse code word “people.”
SU PING (x2), UBLOAT Two underwater ping returns and WW2 Uboat engine during public maneuvers event
TA 747, C17, C130, COMMERCIAL, OSPREY, PREDATOR, REAPER Sounds taken from aircraft bearing the same name during public maneuvers event.
TK AAV, BMP, HEMMT, HUMVEE, IFV, JSRS, M113, STRYKER Sounds taken from armor bearing the same name during public maneuvers event.
TK DASH10, DOZER Dash10 Engine taken at railroad crossing and bulldozer from public construction site
TR CONTAINER (x2), CRUISE, FERRY, Engine rooms or sounds taken from public access areas on board Maersk and Carnival ships
TR FPING Underwater ping return
TR JETBOAT, LEWES Zodiak and Lewes Ferry sounds

As the title suggests, this post is a dual update.  I have also added the Movement Sound Pack to the updated MUD v0.0.3 which was posted to EDIBLE.  Here is the list of changes in this version:

  • Added 68 movement sound files. The sound files have been applied to their respective units in the MUD database.
  • Added unit names for paramilitary and insurgency units. When created, they will reflect a real-world unit of that type.
  • Fixed typos in the description for several aircraft and AA units.
  • Fixed a bug where some aircraft types could not be produced in cities.
  • Removed AI units as a buildable option for the player.
  • Fixed a bug where aircraft morphs were preventing the set from being updated manually. Aircraft morphs are still not working, however, so this change is purely for ease of use.

Download MSP (No Units):

Download File

MUD v0.0.3 Package (MSP with Units):

Download File



Link – MSP Download

Link – MUD v0.0.3

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  1. I just wanted to congratulate on some of the best modding I have seen my entire life. I am totally obsessed with the detail and care that went into this mod and I have been going at it a lot recently. You deserve far more credit for the work you put in here!

    Thank you, I hope this mod receives more love from you in the future – if I could offer my own help I’d like that as well 🙂

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