Stepping Back Into the Light

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve connected to the outside world.  The initial panic and urgency as the world shut down has subsided.  In its place is an acceptance of what a steady state looks like for the foreseeable future.  With it will return a resemblance of normalcy to my own life as it becomes clear what the next few months will looks like for me.

While we are still in heavy lock down and multiple shifts to keep the lights going, we have a far better sense of our downtime.  I spent the last two weeks with a scratch pad, writing ideas I plan to work on as a way to maintain my sanity.  Some of them are highly ambitious, whereas others are probably doable.

I intend to resume my updates to this site.  The first challenge I’ve decided to take on is write up a real AI for the Modern Units set.  The first iteration of this will probably be nothing more than making the AI understand the main intent of the set, which is to create battle fronts instead of hodgepodge engagements as we see in typical Empire Deluxe games.

Second to that, I re-installed my old copy of Baldur’s Gate.  I plan to re-open this game in advance of the news that Baldur’s Gate may come out sometime in the near future.  I don’t expect the storylines to be related to each other, but I thoroughly enjoyed the rule-set of this game and the textbooks it was based on.

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