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Future Units Database Uploaded

The Future Units Database has been uploaded to EDIBLE.  This is a futuristic take on one of the default unit sets already available in-game.  In this version, capital ships hover over the surface of the water while giant walking machines called “Mechs” roam the surface of the planet.  The ever-present danger of nukes and biochemical warfare cause infantry to suit up in hazmat combat suits.  These powerful war machines are led by the presence of a Field Marshal, a walking arsenal controlled by a human commander and an imminent threat to anything standing in their way.

There are two recommendations for game setup:

  1. Play with regicide turned on.  It will create some unique strategic options.
  2. In Options, set combat animation speed to 100 (default is 80) for best results.

This database uses the same unit ID’s as the default set which means you do not need to implement a custom AI for this to work.  Many of the combat values have been changed, so read the in-game descriptions of each unit to get an idea of how they perform in this new set.

Some of the least popular units in the default set have received major buffs.  I recommend reading the in-game notes and seeing if the changes pique your interest.  For example, trucks can travel long distances quickly if you construct road networks.  Some units have specific vulnerabilities against other units such as a destroyer’s ability to kill fighters and bombers.  Artillery are more potent than before, and some transports are nearly invisible to other units.

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